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Shelly Shenoy is an accomplished Actress & Voice Over Artist that has voiced over 50 Cartoons, Films & Video Games, Voice Directed a Netflix Original Animated Series starring Oscar Winner Mark Rylance, Coach, Casting Director and Producer.

Shelly has been voicing roles in games for over 12 years. She has lent her voice to Telltale’s series The Walking Dead, Season 3: A New Frontier, playing the supporting lead role of Kate Garcia and she cast and internally directed every loop group session for Telltale’s series such as Batman, Minecraft: Story Mode, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead & Rise of Michonne. Her most recent work in the gaming industry is the role of Madam Irene, in the critically acclaimed Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2, which made $725 million in sales in it’s first 3 days after being released. Shelly is also in negotiations for Voice Directing with arguably the two biggest video game companies in the world.

Shelly was nominated as one of the top 5 Voice Over Coaches in America by the SOVAS Awards in 2017. Her student’s success speaks to the work Shelly has done, with students booking roles in games such as Shardlight, Blackwell Epiphany, Lamplight City, Kathy Rain and Technobabylon. Her students have also booked cartoons like G.I. Joe, Thomas and Friends, & My Little Pony, and prominent roles in Animated Feature Films such as 3QU Media’s Gnome Alone & Charming.

Despite her success with the game industry, in October 2018, Shelly starred in one of the first true audio dramas to be released in decades – Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery, produced by Einhorn's Epic Productions, – that immediately climbed the charts, reigning in the top 5 worldwide most listened to podcasts. Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery is a six-part scripted podcast series where you will join teen detective Tig Torres as she investigates the twisted mystery of the infamous Lit Killer murders. But as she gets closer to the truth, the killings, each based on murder scenes from classic literature, begin all over again.

→ Shelly will be working on the upcoming Einhorn's productions, casting and directing.

Learn more about Shelly Shenoy's work:

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